Encyclia cordigera white

Encyclia cordigera white


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Arrived rootless and pseudobulbs shriveled (21.12.2022)
The encyclia cordigera I ordered was relatively small but it arrived rootless and the majority of pseudobulbs look pretty shriveled. Not sure whether I can save it and if I can, how long it will take to recover...
Mixed feelings (29.03.2021)
The plant I got was very small . It will take ages to see the first blooms. Small plant and small root system . After one week some of the leaves fell off.
Fair (31.10.2020)
Two pseudobulbs and a new growth arrived bare root. Oldest bulb arrived shriveled and overall there were few functioning roots. Hoping I can mature the newest growth in time for a winter dry rest and it induces new root growth.
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