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Dryadella cristata
Dryadella cristata

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,9
It arrived much fuller than I anticipated! Which is good because it dropped a lot of leaves in the shipping/acclimating process (but still looks great). I received it a month ago and it already has some bloom spikes.
strong plant and good size
got flowers within 3 weeks
well accepted, growing well
A bit small but super healthy
Came in a bit smaller than I expected, but for $10 it's still a bargain. All leaves are a deep green and the plant seems to be in perfect shape. Very healthy root system.
Pflanze zusammen mit 9 anderen am 28.11.2020 bei Ecuagenera bestellt, Zustellung am 21.12.2020 in Chemnitz/Deutschland. Sehr gut verpackt. Pflanze sehr kompakt, auf Korkeiche gebunden, viele, gesunde Triebe.
Very healthy plant
Nice !
Received a large clump and was able to divide into several pots and mounts.
Nice looking plant