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Philodendron sp  Colombia
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Sadzonka dotarła w bardzo dobrej kondycji. Ma dwa liście a trzeci jest w drodze . Wszystko dobrze zabezpieczone.
Bigger than expected
9 lives
3 cat-sized leaves with 12 inch stems in different stages. The size is lovely however this did not ship well. One yellow leaf out the box that is rapidly in decline, the second leaf is starting to yellow as well, the third is trying to harden. (70% humidity, 1000w light). Part of a decent order and this is the only one struggling. Don't recommend, this particular philodendron should come with a shipment warning. - CT
Completely Dry and Wilted, did not recover as they promised.
I ordered from Equagenera and picked up from one of their pop up shows. It was like they packed the plants the day I ordered them and put them in a fridge for months..... They were COMPLETELY dry and had cold damage.

Of course they were all wrapped tightly when I picked them up but I contacted the company as soon as I got home when I saw they were beyond saving.

They told me to give them 100% humidity and lots of water... Well I did and SURPRISE they rotted within a day. I shared pictures and detailed documentation with customer service and now they have been ignoring me for days.

I will NOT recommend ordering from them again. Will be sure to post this review since they will not reply.
This plant arrived with one HUGE leaf on a tall stem, acclimated rather well and now is throwing out a new leaf. Love this plant!
I received this one in April. When it arrived it had 3 big leaves and looked perfect with no yellowing or damage. I potted it up and with 2 weeks it was actively rooting and within a month pushed out a new leaf. At this point 5 months later I have 8 leaves and the smallest are the orignal leaves around 10 to 12 inches and all since then are bigger and bigger. The last leaf is around 20 inches. Love the big bold leaves and vigourous growth. This plant behaved as though it had never been pulled up, wrapped in a box and shipped...Just came out ready to grow and that it has done. This is just another purchase I am extremely happy with from Ecuagenera
Worth every penny
Wow!!! Such a gorgeous plant. Came with three massive leaves, one of which died, but the other two are still going very strong after too weeks. Massive growth point as well, though it hasn't done anything yet. Roots were ok, it had a ton of them, but had to chop a bunch after opening due to slight rot and some broken ones. New roots started to growin after about ~8 days in water with hydroguard and super thrive. Would absolutely recommend this amazing plant to anyone who is looking for a dramatic looking crawler to add to their collection.
Almost perfect
It arrived like most imports I order, but a couple hours in water and this lovely plant plumped right up like all was good. Very little damage and the plant itself is a very good size and healthy.
Ships horribly
This plant was sadly all yellow when it arrived. I hope I can save what's left but I'm not sure as it also was not well rooted.
It had decent sized leaves but 2 are already gone and the third it came with will die off soon by the looks of it. Be prepared to pay for a wetstick because they don't give refunds
Nice and healthy plant received.
My first order from Ecuagenera. Sp Colombia is a hardy plant. Minimal damage on the leaves, small hole spotted on one of the leaf. Overall condition are good. Come with 2 leaves and a new growth point. Satisfied with the plant received from Ecuador to Singapore. Not bad at all!
Did not handle shipping well
I picked mine up at a popup sale. The three leaves were huge but they were all yellowing and are in the process of falling off. There was some root damage. Soon I'll probably have just a chunk and a growth point; will see if it bounces back to yield a new leaf.
All the leaves died
Didn't handle shipping very well. Came with 2 leaves, one browned and fell off in the package and the other was completely yellow and fell off a couple days later. All I have is a stump with no roots.
I received my order around the end of April to Slovenia. The Colombia sp. arrived with healthy roots and two huge leaves. One of them started to turn yellow but once I cut it off, entire plant revived and grows well a month later.
Beautiful plant breathtaking leaves!
I received a big plant with two leaves and another on its way 5days ago, it was due to arrive 13-23 of April. But, I received it with completely dry soil and the leaves were started yellowing . I checked the roots, they seem ok with no root rot, put it in filtered water and O3 for 30 minutes then three days in filtered water for rehydration. Now it's potted in my aroid mix in a self watering pot and I hope it'll make it.
The plant was much bigger than expected, so beautiful! And arrived in perfect condition.
Die Pflanze ist der Wahnsinn!
Unglaublich groß und wunderschön! Sie zeigt sich als sehr unkomplizierte Pflanze. Sie steht neben einem luftbefeuchter ganz normal im Raum und ich kann den Wurzeln beim wachsen zusehen so schnell geht das! Auch ein neues Blatt ist schon unterwegs.
Big huge leaves with no damage
Ronald's service was the best. He served me with full enthusiasiasm.

The plant received was perfect with no damage or whatsoever. Acclimatised to Singapore weather already and doing great. And its huge. Super huge. 2 leaves
Breathtakingly Beautiful
I could not believe it when I saw this plant. Two huge emerald green leaves with the deepest grooves I've seen. Absolutely breathtaking. This plant has proven to be hardy as well. None of the leaves have yellowed and it is thriving in my vase with no drainage, in a mixture of leca, perlite and pon topped with moss. This gorgeous plant hit the ground running and it has not slowed down. and it has a new growth point. I am very pleased to finally have it, thank you Ecuagenera and Karla who told me about it.