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Philodendron verrucosum

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Was expecting more
It's honestly very juvenile. My plant fortunately came in very healthy and green and sturdy, with a great root system, but it's smaller in person. Mine had 5 leaves upon arrival, and 3 good nodes with aerial roots which was appreciated. No root rot at all! Acclimated quickly. Just saying though, not mature at all!
Updating Review
Christian finally got back to me after seeing my previous review and helped me with getting a new plant. This one came in MUCH better condition. Still a bit wilted from the travel but at least most of the leaves were not already dead (just beware that philos do NOT ship well). Thanks for being good on your promises, I will order again based on this customer service!
Another plant i would give 10 stars if i could
Plant arrived during an ice storm we were having and if you know plants you know verrucosums are finicky. This plant arrived in amazing condition! It definitely LOVES high humidity. Great packaging, shipping was right when expected, seller is very responsive and informative.
Didn't ship Well
SO, I just received this plant today and you can really tell the shipping was rough for it. The leaves were slightly browning with major wilting. I'm going to try my best to get it back into good condition.
Pretty and Healthy
Came with 6 leaves only one was a little yellow. My order made it through the cold weather and this plant is big and healthy. Roots are a little small but all in all the plant I received I could not be happier with
Requires some patience to care for it post-shipping
The plant arrived quite battered - all leaves were scarred and ailing. It's been acclimating for about a three weeks since, and now there are signs of a new shoot.
Didn't ship well.
I was so excited for this plant but when I received it it was dehydrated and it lost all its leaves. I'm rehabbing it. Customer service was quick to respond but didn't offer much help. Hopefully it will make it.
Received a plant with 6 leaves and a new shoot. The newest leaf was already turning brown and eventually dropped. New shoot also dried up and dropped before it unfurled. Roots came slightly dehydrated but healthy. Still hoping the plant will bounce back since roots are OK.
3/5 leaves salvagable
Ecuagenera was very up front about this plant and how it doesn't ship very well, but I agreed to buy it anyway. As they predicted, I lost a couple of leaves and *thought* I could maybe save the others, as there was one that hadn't unfurled yet and looked healthy. It probably would have been fine, had my cats decided to knock it off the shelf and break off the rest of the leaves. I'm not sure if I can root any of what's left, but my issues have NOTHING to do with Ecuagenera and the plants they ship. I could tell it was a beautiful plant.
A lil wilted
Good root base. The plant came a little wilted but transitiong okay. This was my first purchase
in fairly good shape though quite small
Received quite a small plant and lost few smaller leaves during the acclimatization. Hope to see new leaf shooting out soon..
order with caution
Ordered this item in two different orders that shipped around the same time. Both lost a few leaves. The first one has lost some roots during shipping. The second one has lost almost all its roots and is likely going to be a rehab. Order with caution and expect potential re-rooting.
Tough shipper, but arrived in ok shape
Lost a couple older smaller leaves, roots didn't look to happy, but no rot. Should bounce back in my grow box.
Better buy that Verru 2
This verrucosum still lost 1 or 2 leaves but acclimated faster than any verrucosum i bought.
Cute and in good shape :)
Beyond Expectation
Location - Singapore

The plant came in extremely healthy, which was way beyond expectations as Verrucosum is not an excellent shipper.
The size is huge, 5 leaves + 1 new shoot, only the oldest leaf showing bad sign. Biggest leaf is 23cm long. Root system was as healthy as it could get from imported plant, no rot at all. Will expect it to acclimate well with such healthy roots.
Definitely recommend it!
came in really good condition since it's a really bad shipper it came so perfect i can't believe it. It is currently in water and I'm sure it will survive and grow in no time.
Nice plant
Smaller plants, but full of several beautiful leaves. Both had some root rot, but after trimming that off, there's still some viable root that will acclimate in no time. Shipped with express. Solid verrucosum.
It's ok
Location - singapore

Plant arrived well without shipping stress, no leaf damage and roots were decent. However, it is a rather small plant. Nonetheless, probably still cheaper than what one might pay for elsewhere.
a good piece
Verrucosum arrived in a good shape with all grown up leaves green and a new leaf coming. The root system was also extensive, and now after a week and a half the leaf has matured and is shooting a new one. I used express shipping and didn't regret it. The plant is however a small sized plant, so that's why the review has 4 stars.
1 leaf survived shipping
Ordered with express shipping. 3/4 leaves died. Does not ship well. Smaller than advertised. Roots not rotted, but not well rooted. Currently rehabbing in spag. moss in green house. Do not buy unless you know how to root nodes or rehab.
Beautiful, but DOES NOT ship well
The first plant I ordered arrived completely dead (the other plant in the same order came in perfect condition). Ecuagenera was kind enough to replace the plant and I paid express shipping to prevent another disaster. The second plant arrived in good condition and I am very happy with it.
Good plant
Originally shipped using priority shipping and it came with all yellowing leaves. Had it replaced but opted for express shipping and the plant came in great condition! Healthy roots and 3 perfect leaves.
Five stars!
Nice darker form plant. It arrived with 4 leaves. Lost the oldest leaf but it is pushing out a new leaf after about 3 weeks.
Very nice plant
I received my plant in five days. It is very hot in my area. The leaves had areas of yellow and were dehydrated. I placed it in water for several days next to my humidifier. Did not cut off any of the leaves and they all came back . She is a beautiful plant and two weeks after potting her up she put out a new leaf. Do not be afraid to email the staff. They are great! Responded quickly to all my questions. A+ Sellers.
Healthy Plant - France
First you should know that Verrucosum is a type of plant that travels very very badly, even if the packaging is impeccable. And secondly, whatever plant you buy, it's perfectly normal for your plant to have yellow leaves, a change in climate and an adaptation to your climate is what causes this kind of thing. So if it happens that your plant is no longer leaves after 3 days and well it happens it's normal. There is plenty to take care of. For my part my Verrucosum arrived in very very good condition. I waited a little while before repotting it for the simple reason that it's not recommended to repot your plant when it arrives. (This is the best way to kill your plant). After repotting I lost 2 leaves. But nevertheless she made me two more. The plant was and still is so healthy. I recommend this product
Dehydrated Leaves, Healthy Roots
The Verrucosum I received in the mail, arrived with 3 dehydrated leaves that came out of the box, crumbly, yellow, and lifeless so I had to cut them all off. A 4th small leaf is trying to hold on but it's still a little limp. There's another leaf unfolding, which looks like it might hopefully make it. The one saving grace is that the root system is strong and healthy, giving the plant a better chance of recovery, I hope. I'm giving it high humidity with daily misting. It was probably in the mail system too long, it took nearly 5 weeks to arrive.
Large Plant, Poor Roots but there is hope!
The verrucosum I received was quite large, looked very healthy upon initial impression. However the roots took a hit during shipment. I decided to cut the plant in 3 places (each with a node), placed it in water and sure enough the plant now has water roots and new foliage. For the price, I'm pretty satisfied.
Decent size plant, came in good condition.
The plant had smaller leafs than expected but was bigger in general than expected
The plant had smaller leafs than expected but was bigger in general than expected. A quite tall plant (bigger than expected) and one of the uncomplicatest and most productive growers I have received so far. Given a high humidity it will already have a second leaf visible when the first one is still unfolding! A very beautiful plant!
amazing plant!!
shipped impeccably and great shape - thank you for the best experience - will definitely buy from you again!!!!
plant arrived in perfect condition and health