Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset

Philodendron verrucosum Amazon Sunset


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Didn't Travel Well (30.07.2023)
I ordered online and picked up in Tacoma WA. This plant had 3 leaves, lost 2 about 3 days after it arrived. Eight weeks later, it still only has 1 leaf, no new growth visible. I've checked the roots a couple of times...I do well with plants, but I'm guessing it's just taking time to acclimatize
pretty good actually (26.04.2023)
Ordered another one to UK. Arrived on 26/04. The newer plant is definitely more purple than my previous order. Orderd this, hummingbird and fantasy and all turned up in prette good order.
Arrived in bad condition - no good customer support (12.03.2023)
I ordered this plant some months ago and it arrived a few weeks later in really sad condition. Since it was still alive but without leaves, Ecuagenera did not replace it. This is very unsatisfying.
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