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Philodendron patriciae (medium)

Philodendron patriciae (medium)

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Arrived Great - I'm worried
Arrived in great shape.. after 3 days started to wilt. Looks rough. No signs of root rot or disease. I hope it bounces back.
the plant is large, it has 5 leaves, bigger than I expected, the longer one is 30 cm .
This plant was way bigger than I expected. It came with 4 huge leaves with the biggest being close to 2 feet. Roots seem to be thriving. Very happy with this specimen.
Large but sensitive plant
I cut mine into two plants right away as it was much larger than I was expecting. The plant is stunning and came with 10 leaves. it will need to be mostly rerooted, as not a lot of roots came intact, and the leaves are pretty damaged. Overall, I expect this importing philodendrons, so sill a 4 star experience.
Great Value
Picked up the plant from the recent popup in Cambridge and was satisfied with the size of the plant I got. Thought it was a large plant, as it had over 12 leaves with the largest close to 40cm.
However, leaves we a bit droopy from import and also roots were mostly rotted away, due to dryness.

Chopped it into 2 separate plants immediately and potted in with soiled and air layered the roots. The plants stabilised After 1 month+ and even put out a leaf. Overall pretty satisfied with the purchase as it was great value
Initially I received a beautiful plant with 5 big leaves. Within 3 days all the leaves fell of or yellowed. Turned out the plant was completely rotten. It wasn’t even possible to make a wetstick out of it. Such a shame.