Anthurium splendidum (medium)

Anthurium splendidum (medium)

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Great plant but not for me (23.01.2023)
Arrived very healthy, with a nice thick chonk, and with some of the usual root damage that I've come to expect from Ecuagenera.
I knew when I bought it that my conditions were not going to be ideal for this plant (v. high humidity). It was surviving my ~50% humidity and did well until I let it dry out for like a day then took a dive. I still have two chonk cuttings, one is showing signs of life, so we'll see if I get another chance. So, my fault, not Ecuagenra's.
Poor (05.08.2022)
No root! The edge of the leaves were dry and brittle and began to curl
10 (24.05.2022)
I didn't ordered this plant but i bought the plant on there pop show in Vandula Farm @ Delta, BC Canada. I amaze on the leaf so much. I hope u have this plant on seedlings.
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