Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi'

Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi'


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Gorgeous (29.07.2022)
I received this plant with 1 yellow leaf. Beside that, the rest of the 3 leafs are good and ok. Lets hope it can strive well and gives me more beautiful leafs.
Beautiful! (18.07.2022)
I picked her up at a Chicago pop up on 7/16/2022 she’s a seedling. Out of the 10 plants I picked up she’s the best! I would definitely like to have a larger one. Loving the dark leaves!
Magnificient (29.03.2022)
The plant had well-established roots, and came with two leaves and third emerging one. Unfortunately, the baby leaf did not survive after a few days. Looking forward to new shoots as the plant stabilises.
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