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Philodendron pastazanum (seedling)

Philodendron pastazanum (seedling)

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Anzahl der Bewertungen: 8
Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,6
Can’t complain
Nice plant, a little bigger than I expected. Roots were mostly good on arrival, and it has already put out some new ones in the past couple of weeks. It came with three leaves, but it lost one and another isn’t doing great. It’s got a new growth point, though. Only strange thing is that it didn’t really perk up like the other plants. It always looks and feels thirsty. I’ve never had a pastazanum before, so I don’t know if that’s just kind of how they are. It’s been doing well otherwise. I would maybe recommend getting a bigger size.
Nice plant
Most of the leaves came yellow. Roots were good. It is the first plant out of my order putting out new leaf growth. I have not lost many leaves either.
Great plant
Very happy with this purchase.
shipped well acclimatised quickly
shipped to singapore with a healthy root system
one of the fastest plants to acclimate, always pushing out roots quickly and gaining size too
good size but the plant is sick
It was a good size but the plant was sick. It arrived with 5 large leaves but they were all yellow, the truth is a pity because I had high hopes for this plant.
Lovely plant.
I was so surpriced to see the size of the plant. It was larger than expected and it arrived healthy with no tootrot and yellow leaves.
When i ordered seedlings i expected a small plant and boy was i happily wrong. This plant arrived in wonderful condition and much bigger than expected. Its roots are very impressive especially for it to be a seedling.
Super nice
I ordered 2 of these one for me one for a friend and they are so pretty I don't know which one I want to give away. Roots were small but the whole plant is super healthy. Was larger than I expected.