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Anthurium waterburyanum (seedling)

Anthurium waterburyanum (seedlings)

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Durchschnittliche Bewertung: 4,5
Bad condition
Plant came with yellowing and rotting leaves. As expected plant did not survive over a week. Disappointed.
Great plant!
Arrived in perfect shape, super healthy and was a very nice size for a seedling. There were no issues with acclamation, never lost a leaf and has grown two new ones since its arrival. Super happy!
Small but healthy specimen
Received a healthy and beautiful plant - the customer service was super friendly and helpful!
Initially worried about ordering from Ecuagenera due to apparent horrible feedback results.
Well, let me set the record straight for the h8ters & naysayers!
The order/ plant(s) arrived in AWESOME condition, it is as described and definitely EXCEEDED expectations,
1st off the plant, gorgeous (!),
2nd A very large plant.
3rd Excellent packaging, for all items and each individual plant.
4th The plants are actually thriving and not showing any signs of stress at all!

Leaves were sizeable and came with a good root system. Acclimatised quickly and putting out a new shoot within 2 weeks. Definitely recommend.
Highly recommend
I always unbox my plants soon after arrival (see my YouTube below for unboxing videos). I placed it in my cabinet that has temps of 70°F+ and humidity 70%+ and it's doing amazing. It travelled very well. The seedling was bigger than expected and I wish I would have bought another full grown version now because I'm in love!

Location: Singapore

In the wild, yes this would be a seedling. As a houseplant it's not small at all! Perfect size, leaves were slightly larger than my palm, with very robust root system. I'm confident it will acclimatize well. Check out Ecuagenera_aracea instagram to see the mature form. Kudos to the team for always delivering high quality plants at affordable prices. Anahi and Karla were super helpful and responsive sales!
Great quality - pretty large plant
I have received a plant with 3 leaves and one on its way, one of which is measuring upwards of 20cm in length. It’s a pretty sizable specimen for a seedling size. I am more than satisfied when it comes to roots, really healthy and established. Definitely can recommend, especially considering how affordable it is. Thank you Ecuagenera!