Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)

Anthurium warocqueanum (seedling)


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Ordered 2 but 1 has bad leaves (01.07.2022)
Ordered 2 but 1 has bad leaves
Mine died, but would still recommend (19.06.2022)
Arrived in beautiful condition. Had some broken roots (pretty normal) but leaves were all perfect and not even bent or scarred. Pretty good size for a seedling. Biggest leaf was maybe 6 inches or so. I knew these plants have a reputation of dying back to the stump during the acclimation process (and then regrowing, decently hardy after acclimated) but my stump looks pretty dead too. Roots look fine, so maybe it will turn out ok, but I ordered another just in case. That’s just the perils of shipping plants :)
Perfect in size and quality. (19.06.2022)
It has been a few months ago when I ordered my first queen anthurium from this website and I am impressed that they have improved their packaging style. I love that they added a brown paper to cover the plant for protection. The plant has arrived in perfect condition, and you couldn't tell that it was an import and came from
Ecuador to the US. The size of the seedling is bigger than I anticipated. Thank you also for the great customer service.
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