Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)

Anthurium warocqueanum (medium)


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Didn't survive shipping (29.06.2022)
I didn't request a refund in time, so I'm stuck with it, but the Anthurium warocqueanum came with damaged leaf stems and quickly turned mushy after a week. There was no saving it. It looked fine for the first few days, but it was deceptive.
Extremely pleased with the quality and size (15.06.2022)
I picked my plant up from a pop-up event for which I've pre-ordered this plant for a VERY reasonable price. The plant is extremely healthy and gorgeous. The size is incredible for the price!!
Breathtaking and decent size (07.06.2022)
I ordered 1 warocqueanum in medium, which came with three leaves. The biggest one is about 15 inches long, which was way exceeded my expectation. There is a reason why they are called queens.
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