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Huge, all leaves are still alive and kicking after 2 weeks, acclimates well. 1 medium leaf was damaged but i'm keeping it, it gives it character. Way bigger than expected.
I received a 6 leaf plant, of which three of the older leaves had holes / drying up of veins. I suppose they can be snipped off, so that the remaining plant looks close enough to the advertised image. Overall a decent, good-sized import that acclimated well with easy care.
Absolutely gorgeous
I placed my order and chose to pick up at one of their Pop-Up Event locations. I could not be happier! The roots are robust and healthy and all the leaves were in good condition. The size of the plant was quite substantial, so I was pleasantly surprised! I love the texture and look to the Verde anthuriums - they cannot be beat!
Love it!
I ordered it last year. Travelled perfect, grows perfect. It is easy plant and grows really fast (especially roots).