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Oncidium hastilabium

Oncidium hastilabium 

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HUGE with a spike!
Gorgeous, healthy plant. I was pleasantly shocked when I opened it. Plant was well-packaged and the roots were protected in moss and plastic. There were a few bent leaves but not an issue given the plant's overall health. I can't believe the spike survived the journey!
Big healthy plant, shipped well
The plant arrived in top condition, has healthy roots and it didn't seem to have any dehydration signs at all. It also has 2 spikes, one of which has mature buds that should open any day now. None of the buds blasted on the way or after I repotted it.
There was some leaf damage, but that's to be expected. The roots were quite healthy, the plant came with 2 psuedobulbs. In less than 2 weeks, it's already pushing out new growth. I'm super excited to see the blooms on this plant.
Beautiful large plant
This plant surprised me with how quickly it sent a swarm of pure white roots tipped in a subtle chartreuse colour. Large ribbed pseudo-bulbs and very healthy plant.
Nice, healthy plant