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Cattleya iricolor

Cattleya iricolor

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Number of ratings: 17
Average rating: 4.2
Happy to got a healthy and previously bloomed mutual plant. Thanks a lot.
Very Nice
As others have said, the plant is huge which was a pleasant surprise. Some of the leaves were unfortunately broken at the base due to transport damage, however.
A huge plant, with three sheaths, two of which contain flower buds. Roots are not good, which is understandable and ok with me. Potted in Bark and sphagnum moss. Hopefully, it blooms soon.
Very Bad
I rate the plant i received one star not because of the size of the plant. It's a huge plant but the problem is all the roots are dead, there is none even one root alive. I made pictures and send them to Ecuageneras team, they told me to remove the dead roots and repot it. As the plant no has root it was very painful to stabilize the plant in the pot. Now waiting for a new growth but for how long ? No root means the plant can't drink and if the canes dry off completely it will be hard to get a new growth and will lost it.
Pflanze war krank
I bought the Cattleya IRICOLOR from you last year, this plant was in poor condition with lots of brown spots on all leaves, the plant died,
Kind regards
The orchid is just super. The bush is not just big, it is huge. There are a lot of new growths. And they have already begun to grow new roots.
Received a large, blooming size plant (much larger than from other sellers) but roots were poor and has taken a very long time to start new growths and roots. Should be OK with time.
Poor to very poor
The plant was large but three of the leaves were trimmed at there ends, At a pointy angle to make it look like there were fine, It had three new growth which two of them have died they’ve turned black and rotted, There was no life roots, The roots were hollow and dry, This plant never had a chance. I’m sorry but you sent me a plant that was half dead before it even got to me. This was not what I was expecting for the price I guess that’s why I got a large plant but everything else was not expected.
Very big plant,with many new growths,I'm very satisfied
The specimen I received was a large, very healthy plant (much larger than what other sellers offer for the same price). It is doing very well and I plan to shop here often.
very large and healthy plant
Have been looking for this one for awhile. So glad they carry it on their site for sale!
exelent plants
big and strong plant.
pianta molto bella
non ho avuto esperienza per questo prodotto
Very nice plant!
The plant arrived after having recently bloomed. It has new root growth and is very large. The roots are dry but should be OK. This is a hard-to-find species and I'm excited to have it!
Nice Plants
All are BS plants and bloom in the nicely.