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Philodendron melanochrysum

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Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 4.2
2 weeks in beautiful plant acclimating 10/10_
Plant came with 6 leaves ranging from 6-8” each, one had just unfurled and is hardening off. Of the four plants (2 philo +2 anthurium) this one suprisingly traveled AND acclimated the best. Came with good roots and two weeks in and still have every leaf it shipped with, the newest one is almost hardened off and have another new leaf coming in already!
Plant arrived in very poor condition. There were no roots and the leaves fell off by the next day of receiving. This is the second plant I have received from Ecuagenera in this condition. I contacted them and sent pictures of the plants condition in hopes they would work with me to replace but unfortunately they would not. Thankfully, there are more reliable, customer friendly options out there.
Smaller than expected, but super hardy!
I bought one of these during the sale in August. I had heard Melanochrysums were really finicky and especially so when they’re shipped. But for $15 I was willing to take the gamble. The leaf size were pretty small for the full-size specimen, but there were 6 of them. Only one yellowed off after a couple days. It had pretty dang good roots for an imported Philo, and I didn’t have to remove very many of them. It’s currently living in moss. This was one of the first plants in my order to give any new roots, both soil and aerial, and it’s the first (and only, so far) to put out a new leaf! For that, I think it’s worth it despite the smaller size.
Previous orders I have typically been really impressed by the size of the plant I received. But this order was definitely the exception. Very small for paying for a full size plant, the smallest of root systems. Feeling pretty let down on this purchase.
Beautiful, but upgrade your shipping
This is the second melanochrysum I've purchased from Ecuagenera after the first one I ordered last year didn't recover from shipping and ultimately died. The plant I received is much larger than I was expecting (26 inches tall) with lots of leaves and absolutely gorgeous. I think this plant just may not ship well because even with the upgraded 2 day shipping, similar to the first one I ordered, this plant was very stressed and drooping when it arrived (I don't think it would have survived regular shipping). It perked up very nicely after soaking in water overnight and ended up looking nice and healthy.
Plant is healthy and a lot larger than expected
My plant is gorgeous and imported very well. It is very healthy with few blemishes on the leaves. I needed to remove the bottom-most leaf for yellowing/dying off, but that is to be expected with imports. Extremely happy with my purchase, thanks!
Very tall and so many leaves!
This plant is a lot larger than I had anticipated, and I'm very glad to see it :) All of its leaves look very good after shipping and the roots have miraculously pulled through as well. The plant also arrived with one new leaf, which seems to have unfurled in transit, and has another coming up!
Beautiful plant; size received is a matter of luck
I bought two of these at different times / shipments. One was big with multiple leaves whereas the other was much smaller. This is not so much a criticism than a fact, for future buyers expecting a large specimen. Seems like it's matter of luck and what's available. The plants were both healthy though.
Wow! This plant I got is super tall and very healthy and hardy. I had to put it on a pole to support it. Came in perfect condition! Thank you!
5 stars
My plant arrived with 10 leaves on a vine a little over a foot high. Wow this plant is gorgeous with its shimmery dark foliage. Seems hardy, I have it in low-ish light and the humid isn’t super high, it stays around 40-50%. I’ve had it a month now and it’s already sprouted a new leaf.
The best quality!
I received it in the best condition! well packed, healthy plant with excellent roots! Excellent communication kind and always the persons at sales department , Paul and Ronald in my case, with excellent and detailed informations.
3 stars
Got with 4 leaves but they were not in great condition. Lost 1 leave totally and the others are not looking very happy. Very little roots on the plant. I’m in Florida and have it in indirect light. Praying it will survive.
I got a beautiful, healthy plant.
The plant arrived in Hungary in perfect condition.
I bought 2 of these beauties during the November 2021 sale and just received the today Jan 13, 2022. They are both in perfect condition with new growth. No yellowing, no crispy leaves, just great.
Nice plant and healthy. Hope my coming order still nice and no damage.
Ery nice seedlings! Healthy roots, growing well for me!
Very good!
Perfect condition!Really beautiful plant, highly recommend the purchase! I received a plant with 6 beautiful dark leaves.
great condition
Beautiful plant, almost no roots
The plant arrived with beautiful dark leaves (although they did get quite squished during shipping). The plant is healthy and acclimating well several weeks after arriving (I did upgrade to the expedited 2-day shipping). It is already putting out a new leaf!

The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because the plant came with almost no roots. It came with one tiny, thin root coming out of the stem. I am continuing to root it in moss before moving it to soil. While I understand that sometimes plants come with underdeveloped roots, this one came with almost no roots at all.
Don't wait if these are in stock. Totally worth it.
Really beautiful specimen from Ecuador, highly recommend the purchase. I find velvet philodendron like Melanochrysum thrive when you're quick to place them in water after the box. Unless you have a system down for moss, I've had excellent luck with both of the plants I ordered in water for acclimation. As always be aware the size varies on all orders, the only way to fix that is order multiples if you're able. Both plants came with healthy sized leaves and good roots.
not worth $120
I bought 2 of them at $120 each, They came in different size. One only had 3 leaves and 2 died within 3 days. The other one is acclimating well.
Not as described but came in good condition
This plant came in good condition sadly the roots were fried which is pretty typical of imports. Leaves are doing very well though. Plant was described as "large" I would classify it as Medium. Large would indicate a mature plant. Price should be less expensive since that is the case.
Exactly as pictured!
Plant came with 3 leaves, unfortunately lost 2 and some roots were rotted, but i am hoping it will perk up as its a fast grower!
Beautiful and Lush
One of my Melano's lost 3 leaves due to poor packaging. They were pressed up and broke from the petiole. The root system was super healthy and sure it would have rebounded well. I returned it due to only having two viable leaves remaining.
Excelent shape
The plant came in very good condition and it did not lose also any leaves but it was much smaller than I expected from The pictures so it was small dissapointment. But I am very happy that The plant came in with healthy roots and it is overall excelent. It would be great to have pic of a mature plant and pic of The one you are getting sizewise!
Shape of The plant 5/5.
Size 2,5/5.