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Anthurium eminens

Anthurium eminens

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 3.9
Very nice, healthy plant
Healthy plant shipped all the way to Sweden. No problem problems with roots or leaves. Have it in my cabinet with some extra humidity for now (just to be safe).
very poor
Leaves were yellow & brown when unpacked. Discoloration has increased.
Healthy and very full!
This plant was WAY fuller than what is pictured. I am so happy with it! I ordered this plant and several others. I believe that the plant is fairly priced and the plant was in great condition. With shipping to Delaware, USA, I figured there would be some issues, but I had no issues at all. The fullness of the plant was generous and the plant was in excellent shape. I am looking forward to it acclimating to its new home.
Plante magnifique, système racinaire au top, aucun soucis pendant l'envoi, super bien emballée. Plante d'une très bonne qualité, je recommande! Personnel super sympathique.
Jessica D. Belgique
Good addition to collection
Plant arrived fast to Lithuania. Unfortunately have lost two leaves after arrival. One was just unfurled, second matured. Leafe loss might be couzed by damp wrapping paper. Roots are medium had to cut some coz of rotting. It's been 3rd week of rehab in my conditions (60-65% humidity, 12 h of full spectrum growth light) all good so far. No further leave loss. Interesting and beautiful sale of leaves.
beautiful plant but not as shown on the picture
It came without damage and with a massive root system.
But I got a much younger and smaller specimen as shown on the picture.
Anyways it acclimated perfectly and its growing its first new leaf .
Perfect! Healthy and many roots. Good size plants
wrong plant received
The "A. eminens" I received looks nothing at all like the picture. all leaves are originating from the central stem. Very disappointed.
This is such a cool looking plant and it is huge! It arrived in perfect condition and has good roots. It does not have the full circle of leaves yet. The largest lhas 5 leaves . Very happy with this purchase