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Epidendrum schweinfurthianum
Epidendrum schweinfurthianum

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Number of ratings: 5
Average rating: 4.4
5 stars
Nice big plants bloom size nice roots
Wonderful orchid!
Nice and healthy plant with great roots. It is already starting to spike!
Impressive shipping!
I am in Western Canada, I ordered three orchid types (the ep. Schweinfurthianum, onc. Sherry baby and masd. Datura x rolfeana). I was not sure what to expect since orchids can be hard to ship, but they were doing great! Minimal root and leaf damage, Only took a few days to acclimate! Thank you!
Received a multi growth plant, top of one growing cane was broken but there are three others. Had a decent root system. It did suffer some leaf yellowing, leaf drop during transit but nothing to be overly concerned about.
Hit or Miss
I ordered this twice. The first time the 2 plants were about 6 growths each and about 2' tall. The second time, the plant was about 10 inches tall with 5 growths with no viable roots, but it has quickly started filling in a 4 inch pot with new roots. I was hoping for something more like the picture but neither order was close to that size.