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Cattleya dowiana

Cattleya dowiana

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 4.5
Excrellent young plant of good size
This is a very fine plant and a lot bigger than I expected it to be. With 3 new growths I hope to get it to blooming size quickly. Thank you all so much for this plant.
She's very beautiful and healthy. The size is small but it's fair for a Dowiana at this price.
I was a little disappointed in this orchid. For $60 it should be larger and at least blooming size. Most of my other orchids purchased were blooming size plants.
Real healthy plant.
In my opinion a small plant with only 4 pseudobulbs, also if a rare specie I supposed to get a great piece also due to high price. Wait and see if it'll support the long distance transport journey. As always max confidente with Ecuagenera
very healthy plant