Customer ratings for Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi' seedlings

Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi' seedlings

Anthurium nigrolaminum 'Gigi' seedlings

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Number of ratings: 8
Average rating: 4.6
Great little Gigi.
I say little but it was very healthy and had one nice size leaf and another little bumpy. The roots are great and I just had to trim a few. I am very happy.
Good looking seedling
I had a very nice seedling from Ecuagenera, the plant looks healthy, clean roots, impeccable leaves with beautiful dark color, 5 in total and biggest one is almost 20cm long.

I am once again very happy of my order
This little guy came packaged in bone dry moss, and fully wilted. After being put into water to rehydrate the vast majority of the roots have rotted away, and after being transferred to moss the plant continues to struggle a month later. By far my most disappointing ecua order ever.
Most stunning waxy leaves - beautiful colouring
This plant shipped very well (South Africa). I ordered a seedling and recieved a plant which was much larger than expected. It has been exactly a month since I recieved it and it has acclimatised very well (in the grow tent) .
The seedling came to me in a surprisingly large size for the smallest available. It has five leaves and a sixth on the way. One leaf is slightly broken, but this has little effect on the plant's growth. The roots are also in perfect condition.
Excellent condition, beautiful plant!
Today I received this unique and beautiful plant! It was in soil, a bit dry and had a very healthy root system. The 5 leaves in great shape! I love the luster and deep green color on it! I poted it and now is acclimating in a prop box to recover from the journey from Germany to Greece.
Great specimen!
I trust Ecuagenera completely!!
Huge, deep green and glossy
This came with huge healthy roots and leaves bigger than my head. I'm so impressed!
I purchased this at a pop-up event, and at first I thought they got the order wrong: this "seedling" was so much larger than I expected! I've had it in my house for two weeks watching the acclimation process, and it never missed a beat. Beautiful plant; I can't wait to watch it mature!