Customer ratings for Philodendron heterocraspedon (medium)

Philodendron heterocraspedon (medium)

Philodendron heterocraspedon (medium) 

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Number of ratings: 4
Average rating: 3.8
Sehr große und wunderschöne Pflanze
Die Pflanze kam in sehr guten Zustand bei mir an und war überraschend groß. Die Pflanze steht seitdem in meinem Grow Tent bei sehr hoher Luftfeuchtigkeit. Dort hat sie bereits nach kurzer Zeit ein neues Blatt ausgebildet.
Ich bin sehr zufrieden.
Sadly, Did Not Last
While this is a beautiful species, the plant did not last a month from pickup at a show. After pickup, I tried acclimating it in a loose homemade aroid mix in a medium-sun spot with medium humidity. One dying leaf turned into two, then three, and finally the fourth and last died despite tweaking conditions in an attempt to keep it alive. Roots were still living so I tried to cut and prop two rooted sections and several stem nodes. All but one rotted within days, the last one is hanging on but not looking good. I may try again because I am absolutely enamored with this species but buyer beware, it does not seem to like transport and will need extra-special care to acclimate successfully.
Mixed reviews.
I have purchased 2 of these plants now as they are a unique philodendron leaf shape and structure. The first I purchased at a pop-up in May 2022 and it rotted from the base of a petiole within a month, I tried to cut and propagate to save but all rotted QUICKLY. The second I purchased online and picked up locally. I lasted longer, a month I will say. The same thing happened a leaf started to go downhill (a mid leaf not the bottom or top), I caught it earlier and have cut it for propagation and the rot seems to be controlled but has not seen progress as of yet ( 2 weeks after chopping).
Beautiful plant
Plant is suffering from some transport shock, definitely losing 2 of 3 leaves but the roots and stem seem good, leaves are huge, plant should be absolutely gorgeous grown back out, I'm actually thrilled with this one