Phragmipedium besseae var guarumales

Phragmipedium besseae var guarumales

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Dos pseudobulbos en no muy buenas condiciones (5/18/2023)
La planta ha llegado con sólo dos pseudobulbos, uno de ellos con la floración pasada (vara cortada) y los dos con las hojas en pésimas condiciones (roturas, manchas...)
Très bien (6/13/2021)
Plant plutôt mature reçu en pleine forme.
Merci pour la bonne qualité de vos phragmipedium.
excellent (11/1/2020)
I ordered two plants that came in with two mature fans each. Leaves look fine. Not a lot of root,s but they will regenerate as long as I don't mess up. I also wrote the review from 3/29/2020; that plant has put out several new shoots and is filling a pot with roots. It responded so well in just six months, that I went ahead and ordered the two plants I just received. You won't find blooming-sized Phrag. besseae anywhere else at this price. Thank you as always for great service, and quality plants.
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