Phragmipedium Yelva Myhre

Phragmipedium Yelva Myhre


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Happy Phrag with multiple new growths (22.04.2023)
All of my four orchids from my first Ecuagenera order are great, but this one beat the others. Two NBS mature growths (maybe a 2-year old plant) each sporting multiple new growths, it will quickly fill out its pot.
not optimistic (24.12.2022)
Got one of these along with two other hybrids. This plant was on the smallish side but was about to bloom - maybe leaving the spike was a mistake on my part. I planted it in my usual phrag medium and used distilled water (with rare dilute fertilizer), but the plant used up most of its leaves to generate roots and is now sulking (as compared to the others). The first new growth last summer failed. It now is trying for a second new growth so I will pamper it, but I doubt that it will flourish any time soon.
Great plant making new shoots. (18.11.2022)
The rootsystem was not so very big, bud the plant grows very well and the color of the flower is amazing.
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