Lepanthes saltatrix

Lepanthes saltatrix

Lepanthes saltatrix


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Climate Cool
Air Circulation High
Light Medium
Humidity High
Fertilizer Weekly

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Customer ratings for Lepanthes saltatrix

Number of ratings: 2
Average rating: 3
Came with a very bad condtion (5/19/2018)
It could be a cute miniature plant, but it came with very bad condition. This plant came in with other two miniature plants in the same plastic container. It looks like there was an impact during the shipping and three plants in the container were smashed. All the leaves of this plant were knocked off. I am not sure if it can survive the shock, but I am still monitoring it. I will gave a update later.
Great miniature orchid (4/16/2018)
A small specimen, this one suffered a little in shipping, drying out too much. All 4 mature leaves are damaged, dry and curling. The seven tiny seedling leaves were not injured. In week three, 4 new stems are growing. Mounted on cork, growing in a terrarium with LED lighting at about 1400 fc. Keeping constantly damp, with humidity between 65-85%, and air circulation provided by a mini fan.